Visitors to the Garden Pond


“If you have a pest problem in the garden the most likely reason will be that this pest’s natural enemy has either been wiped out by pesticides, or it doesn’t find your garden inviting enough to live in. The first step to controlling most insect pests is  therefore to stop poisoning their predators. The second step is to look at ways of inviting pest predators into your garden. One way of attracting a large variety of pest-predators to the garden is to build a small garden pond – either in the garden itself or somewhere nearby. Add a few pond plants, and within no time at all you will have damselflies and dragonflies, which are excellent predators, doing low-level pest-control flights through the garden. A garden pond will also attract frogs and toads, which will soon dispose of mosquitoes, moths and other insects. To be doubly sure that your pond does not become a mosquito breeding site, add a few fish.” Adapted from Cultivating Flavour – Kitchen gardening for kindred spirits, by Toni B. Walters (Lizard’s Leap Press)

Kindred spirit, Elaine Kool, built a shallow pond in her garden in Everton, KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa). Elaine’s pond is always abuzz with hundreds of garden visitors of all kinds – some of them human. Everyone seems to enjoy spending time here and when Justine, Elaine’s  daughter, came to visit, she took the following stunning photographs of some of the beautiful creatures that frequent the pond. I specially love the tree frogs. Thank-you Justine for sharing your photographs.


Robber fly - an excellent pest-predator

Robber fly - an excellent pest-predator

Another two flies of some sort

Another two flies of some sort



Acrea butterfly

Acrea butterfly

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  1. We have a garden pond in our yard that we enjoy all year around. We love to watch all the activity of the frog’s,fish, ducks, dragonflies and grandkids watching.I am looking foward to watch for your future blog’s. Visit us at we would love to here back from you!


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