Kindred Spirits

Kindred spirits are special people, every one a limited edition. They’re the ones opening a third bottle of wine when two will do, deconstructing the delights of mulled pears and Gorgonzola. Kindred spirits are party animals and solitary dreamers; awestruck in equal parts by the new moon or the erratic flight of a butterfly. Kindred spirits are witty and smart; they’re twnety-something or sixty-something; they’re alive and always will be. Most of all, kindred spirits care; they care about free-range eggs and whales, about fine food and freedom of speech. Above all, they see the garden as part of the greater envirnment, which we are all duty-bound to protect and nurture. This planet is, after all, the only home we have.

Books don’t just happen. Like children, they need a lot of nurturing in order to grow. Throughout the process of writing Cultivating Flavour – Kitchen Gardening for kindred spirits, I’ve been lucky enough to meet kindred spirits who were prepared to nurture and guide this process. You can meet some of these remarkable people by visiting the websites mentioned below. You’ll also find that many of the outlets who sell our books are owned or run by kindred spirits. See the Book Stores page on the Lizards Leap Press website to find the outlet closest to you.

Enaleni farm:  Enaleni Farm – a special place where you can  relax under shady trees and trellises in summer, or besides the fireplace in winter.  A place to walk, or be still and enjoy a vairiety of traditional farm animals and plants.  An environment that is casual with country cooking, organic vegetables, free range eggs, honey, colour and texture.

Kool Kulture:,  Jewelry designer Elaine Kool celebrates the flora and fauna of the African Busveld in her exquisite pieces.

Wizzard Worms: Earthworms are nature’s way of converting dead waste matter into living matter, thereby enriching the soil with vital humus and bacteria. You can convert all your organic waste into food for your plants AND reduce your weekly refuse.

Entoceramics: ENTO Ceramics was established by Dr Tanza Crouch, artist and professional entomologist. The beauty of bugs and their extraordinary diversity provide never-ending inspiration for patterns and design in art. ENTO Ceramics strives to bring nature into the home, through durable images on porcelain and china.

Earthmother The earthmother experience just keeps growing and growing.

Dovehouse Organic Farm: Hold regular courses on various aspects of organic farming.

Cleopatra’s Mountain Farm House. a delight for all lovers of good food. Be sure to visit the kitchen garden.

Salad Daze:   There’s always something new happening at Salad Daze. See for yourself by signing up for their newsletter.

The Corner Cafe: Durban’s eco-friendly restaurant where Judd and Jeannie go about the business of trying to save the plante “one cappucino at a time.”

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