Cultivating Flavour

CultivatingFlavourCover mailThe book Cultivating Flavour – Kitchen Gardening for Kindred Spirits (published by Lizard’s Leap Press) is the result of a ten-year journey which started off with the realisation that despite being a qualified horticulturist I had a huge amount to learn about growing food. It’s the result of many of the lessons learnt through practical experience in my garden at Lizard’s Leap. Many of the examples in the book are illustrated by photographs of the garden, and I use the story of the garden at Lizards Leap to introduce the book.

Cultivating Flavour is much more than a gardening manual. A richly illustrated fusion of cultivation and culinary delight, it deals with garden location and design, soil management, crop options and rotation, sensitive pest and disease management, container planting and plant propagation. Most importantly Cultivating Flavour is about growing a beautiful, productive and environmentally friendly garden – an edible landscape – with the minimum of time and effort. Browse through some of the pages by visiting google books. You can also read an introduction of how Toni came to grow her kitchen garden and to write this book at The Garden at Lizard’s Leap

Reviews you can read on the web.

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You can buy the book directly from the publishers Lizards Leap Press, or from one of the many outlets listed on the Lizards Leap Press website.

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