soil preparation

Cult.Flav. page 92B earthworms  053As with most things in life – it’s so much easier if you make the right start. Please be sure to read the following  post before you start digging up the garden. Why dig, when there are millions of earthworms willing to do the digging for you? (This post has been specially written for those who haven’t yet read the book Cultivating Flavour – in the hope that even if they never buy the book, at least they’ll save themselves a lot of backache.)

Trench gardening double digging and raised beds

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  1. Posted by Theresa van der Byl on April 14, 2011 at 10:57 am

    I tried the trench method and it took three years before I grew reasonably good veggies. I think that is about the time it took for the organic waste to rot and to become available for the plants to take up. That was also after I dug deep and turned this whole lot like a huge cake mix!!. I think it is better to create a good compost heap and allow the winter falling leaves to create a warming and protective layer under which the earthworms can do what THEY were designed to do.


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