working with the environment

Kitchen gardening is just so much easier when you learn to work with all the various creatures in your environment. The book Cultivating Flavour is full of ideas of how to get micro-organisms to feed your soil, get earthworms to dig it, and chickens to do your ploughing. Insects, too, perform a vital role by keeping the garden pest free. Have a look at the following posts for a few ideas and please enjoy the stunning photographs.

Insects in the kitchen garden Apart from their decorative value, many insects play an important role as pollinators, whilst others are pest predators which you need to encourage to visit the garden so that they can keep vegetable pests under control.

Visitors to the Garden Pond If you have a pest problem the most likely reason will be that this pest’s natural enemy has either been wiped out by pesticides, or it doesn’t find your garden inviting enough to live in. The first step to controlling most insect pests is therefore to stop poisoning their predators. The second step is to look at ways of inviting pest predators into your garden. One way of attracting a large variety of pest-predators to the garden is to build a small garden pond – either in the garden itself or somewhere nearby.

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